Join me on my adventure through medical assistant school, thanks for watching and God bless ;.)

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  1. Hi, I love helping people and making them smile and for some reason I feel like I would like something in the medical field the only problem is, I'm not good with math, remembering things or stress. Any advice for so I won't back out?

  2. I'm going through a Medical Assitant course thats mostly online and some hands on. Its not that intense where u have to memorize tests. The most intense was learning anatomy even though it was all open book(I don't use books but u get what I'm saying). I like it so far.

  3. Thank u for thr video !! I'm interested to become medical assistant but people tell me the salary as the same as u work in Walmart and they tell me I will study and spend money and then I will get paid just like anybody works at Walmart or Ross ..

  4. I'm scared and confusing to do it!! How long will take? is it accredited? is it certificate or for associate degree? do you study alot English like essay more than math and science? how much they pay?? do you have facebook it will be better to text with you if you want ?? Thank you again for your help.

  5. I am currently a medical assisting student too. I go to Ross Medical Education Center, it's been really good. Definitely ask questions, and have a strong support system. It's so rewarding and I couldn't be happier. Best of luck to you and anyone else that is interested in becoming a Medical Assisting.

  6. Keep posting all of your weeks throughout medical assisting school. Tips and tricks and advice about how you survive and tips and tricks you have taken to become organized, how to plan out your school week when it comes down to studying for tests or exams as well as completing homework assignments. How did you balance home life and school life? What steps did you take when you felt anxious, what did you do to not feel so anxious" I have sooo many questions, and they can all be answer, if you keep posting your weeks in medical assisting school. Because, I am also going to medical assisting school in February and I am having orientation sometime in January to get my books, supplies, scrubs, and laptop (school give you everything including books, supplies, uniform, and technology such as a laptop for free). And I am excited to start but also nervous. I have sickle cell so I get sick a lot as well as I have major anxiety. So, tips, tricks, and advice is much needed.

  7. Hi do you think i could do this i start school may 26 and im not really good at math and i type average on the computer not really fast do you think this will be a down fall? And congrats on your new journey in life good luck on everything ?

  8. +Mama Pains wow we're not to far apart!!! Yes God has been so good to me and I'm doing well so far and I'm glad to hear he's with you as well. I'm the same way too with being excited to keep moving forward and next term is phlebotomy woohoo ?

  9. Yay for week 1! I think I'm at the end of week 3. I just can't wait till next classes! I'm so excited to just keep moving. 🙂 God has helped me through things too.


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