Surpriiiiiiiiiise!!! Friday Afternoon Phlebotomy Vlog (smile) Tips on getting that job!! SUBSCRIBE HERE! …


  1. I'm glad I ran across this video..I saw a few jobs I wanted in my area that required 2 to 3 now I feel like i may have a chance with that job but I am going to be doing my externship soon also… I'm praying.. thanks for the video

  2. I took Medical Assistant and Medical Terminology and once that was completed my area just wasn't hiring. I wish I would have thought about volunteering for a while to get my foot in the door, that probably would have worked. Good tip. That's what made me take phlebotomy.

  3. Aww man this helped me a lot ..?
    Amazing resume ? Wish I could see yours lol any tips for my resume? Most of my work experience is stna work 15 years so when employers see my work experience they immediately try to interview for stna work . How do I change this?


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