At Intermountain Healthcare an Operating Room Technician is a position of high intensity and focus driven. It is also a position of interaction with new technology …


  1. I'm currently going to school for surgical tech. We have not gotten to the instruments yet and was wondering if they were difficult to learn? Also, before each surgery do you get a list of ALL the instruments you will need for the surgery so you can set them out and the order the surgeon will usually use them in?

  2. I do this job and it's fun. I play practical jokes. I once popped a squeaky toy inside a patient and the surgeon closed the wound without seeing it. Every time the patient sat up, he squeaked which was really funny.

  3. Ok,, One Major Problem with this video!! We are Surgical Technologists, NOT technicians. There is is big difference between the two and its also insulting to the profession. You should change your title of this video. Surgical technologists,,,, don't let anybody ever call you a technician. You earned more than that!


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