The concept of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) was first thought of and implemented by the Los Angeles Fire Department in the year 1985. A CERT should be sponsored by the local government agency, which is usually the fire department or an emergency management agency. The state Citizen Corps generally funds the CERT program.

Though Community Emergency Response Team members are trained to respond to emergencies, they also do have other duties. They also raise funds to purchase emergency medical kits and other medical equipment. They either conduct or take part in disaster response exercises, and recruit and train new>
In case of a disaster, members of the CERT team help perform varied rescue tasks during emergencies so that trained medics can concentrate on more technical tasks. Members of the Community Emergency Response Team are trained in courses such as disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations, rescue operations, and disaster psychology. All the members of the CERT team should have a basic knowledge of using medical equipment and providing first aid to injured persons. They need to have a well- stocked emergency medical kit that has essential medical supplies they need to combat an emergency situation.

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