Here is a video detailing what I did to prepare for applying to CRNA school. I also talk about what classes I took during premed, how I worked around my exam …


  1. Hey, great video. How did you do with getting letters of recommendation for med school? Were recommenders hesitant to write for you because of your career change?

  2. I am glad I found your channel…I have been watching because prior to finding your channel I would search RN FNP transition to med school and of course,nothing. Either way I am in my second year of NP school, will be completed in 4 months but I had my ahah moment second year because I was not getting the satisfaction as far as material and fully understanding the disease process from the cellular level and of course I would get frustrated because I was expecting more advanced clinical preparation in NP school, but was told on multiple occasions "this is grad school you are self learners " Well of course I am grateful for the clinical rotations because that's where I am learning a great deal. So of course because I have toyed with the idea of med school for yeaaaaaaars, I am finally going to put my big boots on and prep once I complete NP. I realize all this time changing departments for work to gain more knowledge I was never satisfied and I won't until I go. I will def be grateful for my ER experience and NP experience but independence and knowledge on the cellular level will be the icing on the code blue cake. Thanks a million for your videos keep them coming. Is it wise to do the prereqs at the university level or community college? Not sure how to start? ThAnks

  3. I appreciate your story. I was an ED RN for 7 years working shock trauma and was conflicted in making the decision between CRNA vs medical school. I chose, the ICU route and CRNA school. Perhaps, my predicament is a bit different with a family and 2 kids. However, I really appreciated hearing your struggle because my story nearly superimposed yours. Congratulations on getting into school and thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for posting this video and sharing all you have, because I'm also in my 30s applying to med school. I will be taking the MCAT in August (I initially wanted to take in May but I couldn't possibly prepare appropriately while taking my prereqs and working full time).
    I didn't quite catch what you meant with going in four months in so owing half of what your med school peers would. Could you explain that?
    Thanks again

  5. I love this!! Need some advice. I'm currently a lpn with a few credit hours shy of my associates degree. The problem is I kinda was going to college without a plan and my current gpa shows. so my main question is should i do a bridge program to ADN then get my BSN, or just finish all my pre-med courses with a degree in something I'm interested in?

  6. you are so inspirational. I'm halfway through nursing school but I've always wanted to become a physician. I went the nursing route because at the time my parents wouldn't allow me to do anything but nursing. I was young and scared of the real world. 4 years later, halfway through nursing school and I just need ochem 2, physics 2, Calc 2 and Biochemistry to complete for med school requirements. I'm glad I ran into your page because before watching your videos all I got was nothing but criticism for taking the nursing route before med school.

  7. Insight is one of the hardest, most invaluable things to find! Just found your channel and learned a lot from just watching a few of your videos. I've worked in a hospital for 8 years (since I was 18) and am finally graduating with my BSN next month. Coincidentally my goal is to go to medical school and has been even before I went to nursing school. Contrary to popular belief, I love both nursing and medicine. I paid my entire way through nursing, and worked 3-4 days a week during the program when people told me it wasn't possible. I plan on working as a nurse, hopefully in critical care and eventually setting myself up to be ready for med school. Even though I don't consider myself one of those people that are "on the fence" or don't know if they can do it, I know I'm going to do it, videos like this really give people like me insight from people that have already done it. Somehow I would think I would have had a ton of questions for you but your videos have covered a lot of "FAQ" material. Thanks for the tips and motivation! Looking forward to more videos on your experiences in med school and maybe some brief conversations if I come up with anything.

  8. Your videos have been helping me alot. Keep them coming please. Btw have you thought about getting a mic? Sometimes its hard for me to hear you.


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