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  1. Social Workers are far more respected and more autonomous than PAs. PAs are considered the lowest form of life. I would rather be a mortician who makes far more than a PA and is more autonomous.

    PAs are very low, low, fucking absurd pieces of modern medicine. Behind the scenes real physicians look at PAs like the garbage of the Earth. Do yourself a favor and do something legitimate.

    PAs are there to get consent forms signed, frankly, just because it spares an MD 35 seconds. That's the truth, mate.


    Make for more slinging rock if you wanna talk about income.

  2. So maybe someone can offer me some advice here. I work in patient registration and I have always wanted to get involved in the medical field. I love my job now. Interacting with patients and just being a listening ear sometimes for peoples issues is a great feeling. Listening is nice, but I would really like to be able to help these people with their medical issues. I feel like I could be a great physician, but at the same time, I am worried about my personal life. Ive read stories about people saying both their parents were doctors and that they never went out on family trips, never went out in general because their career was too demanding. Is this just the burden one must bear when pursuing a career as a doctor or is my understanding of the job skewed? Halp me lol

  3. I am starting PA school this september and I am so so so excited. I love the flexibility of the career and I get to help people along with doing something I love; medicine. For the comments about money, I hope you realize, money is NOT everything. Altho PAs don't make as much as Doctors, theres a lot more to life then money. Such as your values in other aspects of your life. Doctors are great. PAs are great. NPs are great. I find that as long as you have a passion, money shouldn't be the issue.

  4. He mentioned that PAs are first assists in surgery and that you just retract and suture. This is partly true. Retracting and suturing is part of the job, but in CVT the PA will do things like endoscopic harvesting of the great saphenous vein for a CABG while the doc is getting the heart ready. Or in ortho, the PA may harvest part of the patellar tendon for an ACL repair while the doc is drilling the bone. Yes, you are not doing surgery by yourself as a PA, but you can do a lot of cool things, depending on who your surgeon is. You are not just holding flaps of flesh open the whole time.

  5. Honestly, 100k dosen't sound that great, especially when you could make that much after 2-3 years in engineering or actuarial field. You only need a bachelors degree and not grad school that is nessecary for the physician assistant career

  6. Lol can y'all stop replying I'm trying to work and I keep getting unimportant interruptions from YouTube when I'm waiting for an important message. This comment is old and the point has been made. Settle down please thanks!

  7. These comments are…um interesting. A lot of bitter, rude, people .Obsessed with dollar amounts and thinking no amount of money is enough. It's not about being "rich" its about providing for your family and living well.Jeesh people. It makes you sound super insecure if you degrade other professions.

  8. I'm not in Michigan but according to information on the DEA website there is no difference in prescription rights for PA's and NP's. State practice act can differ but the fact that this PA brought it up appears that he is mistaken in thinking PA's have some sort of advanced rights over NP's. Both are mid-levels and I would assume the legislature sees it the same.

  9. I have seen nurse practitioner only practice offices, there's a pediatric one in my town that's very successful. The CRNP who owns the clinic pays a retired MD to receive a certain percentage of charts the office managers fax over to him, sign them to meet state requirements. I've never seen this type of PA only clinics, are they able to practice independently without a physician? Do PAs have the option to obtain a doctorate in their field of study?

  10. Thank you for this informative video! Michael said residency is 4 years long and then a fellowship is required. As an incoming medical student, I want to clarify that residency for some specialties such as family practice, peds, or internal medicine is only 3 years and you get paid. Also, completing a fellowship after residency is not required for most specialties!! Work-life balance can be achieved as a physician in private practice if you are part of a shared practice. For instance, my aunt is a pediatrician part of a shared practice and she is only on call two weekends/month. Once again, thanks for this video as it helped me decide which route to choose! 🙂

  11. I want to do this degree so bad, and I need more information from people who can tell me how much your start pay is, the possible advancing possibilities, and the benefits.Also what city is the best to work for? I am currently, in Tennessee chattanooga and they do not have programs for it here, i am suppose to pick a major to finish my bach. degree and was finished with all my pre. reqs. like anatomy, comp 1 and 2, biology, psychology, development psychology, and others etc… now i have to talk to a advisor next week to choose a major… so lets say i want to what would be the best major for this type of path PA? please someone send me a message soon, I need all the advice and info i can get. I don't wanna waste my time. Thanks !

  12. Whoever this guy is he sucks and is just wrong! Working in urgent care…Ugh!
    Surgical PA rocks and it's a six figure career easy. Also PA can work in anesthesia and again make six figures very easy. This guy is NOT an accurate example of what PA do


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