Gross Toenail Transformed Into Pretty Nails – Toe Nail Art Tutorial Best Foot Pedicure Fugly To Fab – Toenail Cleaning Treatment – Toe Nail Hacks From Fugly …


  1. Gentle advice: I think your subscriber amount would go up by 10 times as many as you have now if you got rid of the club music. I think it annoys a lot of people and it also makes it hard to watch more than one or two in a row because the music is so hard on the ears. People watch these kinds of videos to RELAX, and many of us would love to hear your voice describing the procedures, for example, describe what that pink stuff is that fills in the broken nails. EXCELLENT VIDEOS!!

  2. We can rebuild them. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic toenail. Your toenail will be that toenail. Better than it was before. Better, stronger… polished.

  3. Do you realize how many people get fungus from the nail salon. You just made it worse by covering it up. The toes need to be cut down that was good but coving it up will only make the problem worse. Not to mention how many people's toes got done with that same drill bit That how other people get toe fungus.

  4. The most important thing is to be careful of the sanitary practices where you get your nails done! Just because they have low prices doesn't mean they are not careful and high prices is not a guarantee of proper sanitary practices! Never be embarrassed to take care of yourself. Ask, "could you please use a new file, or please wipe that again with alcohol.". Don't be a bitch about it & if that feels awkward for you just use the excuse that you are a term freak. If you go to a place and notice clients with funky looking feef, first be educated on what is contagious then note how the nail tech reacts to the issue. If she just soaps gloves on and looks grossed out then you get out! If you are just walking in and disconcerting practices then make an excuse and go! If you are part way through, pay for half and say you've got an emergency. It's a lot easier to prevent a problem then to cure one. (Sorry if this is a mess, I had it typed so nicely and accidentally deleted it, lol! It's just never as good the second time.)


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