Brittany discusses her advice for Pre-PAs, including study tips, how to rock your PA school interview, how to improve your CASPA application, and CONNECT …


  1. My name is Sophie. I truly want to pursue neurosurgical physician assistant. I have Biology degree and Neuroscience minor. My science GPA is 3.5, but accumulative GPA is 2.4. I am very concerned of my GPA since my accumulative GPA is very low. About hand-on experience, I am not afraid of shadowing as many PAs as I can, and not afraid of working hard to achieve thousands of hours in hand-on direct patient care. GPA is my worst fear. Especially, to apply for PA programs with my interest of neurosurgical area are more challenging. Would you please give me your insightful experience of what I am supposed to do to achieve my dream? Thank you in advance of all your advices. I highly appreciate your time and your help! I am looking forward to your response.


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