People either REALLY hate James Yeager or they love him but either way his YouTube channel has been deleted. The YouTube censorship continues .


  1. If he's such a good guy in person maybe he should act like that all the time and more people would care what happens to his channel go to all the unban JY posts 95 percent of the people really don't care what happens with his channel

  2. As much as a complete waste of oxygen I think he is, I will ardently support his ability to say what he says, do what he does, and be who he is. And fight back against youtube's horrendous censorship practices.

  3. and then all over youtube there are videos about how the jews are the curse of the world and get ready to fight the jews, the jews the jews, the jews are evil. But if a guy talks about guns, he gets a strike

  4. Dude – your body language says you were really uncomfortable telling that story – thanks for being so open on your channel! I'm not a Yeager-phile, but he seems rational compared to lots of people I've met. Thanks to you, and him, for standing up for what will ultimately keep us all safe and free.

  5. These comments scare me. Way too many people flippant about Yeager getting censored and silenced just because they don't like him or don't agree with him/like how he says what he says. Remember that Hillary won the popular vote and ya'll sound a lot like a oppressive majority

  6. Thank you for sharing that story about James helping you at the IV8888 shoot! I’m glad that he did and thank you for what you do! I’ve never met him. I’ve been watching his channel for years, though. Cannot believe that it’s gone! I want to help. Going to tactical response is a major goal of mine that I have wanted to do since childhood. Your demonetization is ridiculous.GIVE SHITTY MEDIC HIS MONEY!

  7. In maxima potentia minima licentia.
    James Yeager is living proof of what goes around comes around. While it is troubling that a pro gun channel got shut down, what did he and his followers expect? It is my personal opinion that he did a horrible job representing the pro gun community. So to sum up:
    Losing a pro gun channel = bad
    Lossing James Yeager channel = not so much

  8. yeager is a classless, godless jerk. He treats others with utter disrespect. I liked him early on, but his true (lack of) character eventually showed through. I really do hope he NEVER gets his voice heard on youtube again. He is NOT a respectable representative of conservatives.

    Trigger-pullers are a dime a dozen, men with character are not.

  9. I don't like Yeager. I think he is a bad example of the 2A community but I can't let my "hate" get in the way of the fact that he has probably brought a lot of people into the 2A community and started said peoples expansion into the 2A community. Having said that I don't like bootubes censorship on this topic. Yet we can watch girls shake their a$$es and act like sl*ts all day on here and all is well and good. Something is seriously wrong about the whole situation.

  10. I've watched many of Yeager's videos. Mad respect!! He's just a guy… a professional. And this YouTube politically correct 'cleansing' is really bad. Our society will either change with YouTube, Google and Facebook, or we'll hold our own, and live without.

  11. I just watched first Yeager's podcast (interview with Mookie and "hot crazy matrix" guy) last night. It was fun, interesting, and NOTHING wrong there (unless your are a far left-wing show-flake, I presume). Now, the channel is BANNED over this? WTF! UNBAN JAMES YEAGER!

  12. Your absolute right about Yeager I wasn’t 100% sure of him until I took way of the pistol Yeager is a standup guy and willing to help any decent person I witness this with several people in only a weeks time. His class was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had.


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