For small business enterprises and entrepreneurial start-ups, having a small business telephone system that operates easily and smoothly, delivering high quality voice messages or phone connections at the right timing is a definite competitive advantage. Besides that, the any telephone systems for small business enterprises should also be easy to set-up and will run reliably.

All this means that the small business enterprise will access an excellent communications system without any headaches and overhead costs tied to running it, giving the owners and staff time to concentrate on running their business and growing it. That is the essence of a small business telephone system that gives a small business or start-up an operational competitive advantage in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

There are so many telephone system options for big businesses and small businesses alike. The good news is that with the advancements in technology, the complex features that was previously only available within expensive big business phone systems is now found in very cost-effective and user-friendly small business telephone systems.

Multi-Line Phone System

One option would be to get a multi-line phone system. While a small business can thrive even with just one existing phone line, if you want your clientele to be able to reach you easily, you will need to look for small business telephone systems that allow multiple incoming and outgoing calls at the same time. You may also need a fax line, or plan to have a second line that doubles a fax / voice line. In that case, the multi-line phone system should be able accommodate that.

A multi line phone system can be very useful for small businesses as not only does it have the added capacity of multi lines, the user is not tethered to the immediate desk area. A phone system like this can have features like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and an answering machine. You also have the option for phone conferencing that accommodates up to four people. The best thing about a small business telephone system such as this multi line cordless phone system is that it flexibly allows users to work unencumbered. At the same time, multiple users can make outgoing calls at any time. This makes it ideal to use for sales and prospecting.

VoIP Phone System or Voice Over Internet Phone System

Having to pay for multiple lines could be costly but not so with VoIP phone systems. Due to the low cost and richness of phone system features, many telephone system for small business enterprises have switched to using VoIP phone systems. VoIP stands for voice over IP, which is a system of telephone communications done over the Internet. It is cheaper compared to a regular phone line. With some packages, you can make unlimited long distance calls for a very low flat monthly price. Even international calls are cheaper compared to regular telephone rates. The best thing about this is that it is connected to the computer, making it easy to make calls while working.

One final tip – take into consideration also the experience and history of the company offering the phone services, whether it is for a single line or multi line phone system or a Voice over IP Voip phone system. The goal of any business professional is to be able to find the best balance between reasonable operational and overhead costs and excellence in quality and usability.



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