VoiceMailTel Inc is an Canadian provider of Voice Over IP phone services for small businesses and home based companies.

Whole services was created to help companies “To improve their image” by using a hosted PBX.

The service was created in house and brings toghether more open source solutions from asterisk for voice traffic (over SIP & IAX protocols), callweaver + spandsp (SIP + T.38 protocols) for fax services.

What is new on this service is that customers doesn’t need any connection to use it. They can receive and place calls from there cell phone (see call forward and calling card) using an unique Caller ID. They don’t need an office or a land line to start a new business.

For using the service at full capacity is mandatory to have an email address and an internet connection.

The service is very flexible and allow customers to assign a Local number (DID) from major cities of US/Canada, Toll Free numbers enabled for whole North America. Also for great usability users can connect a large list of SIP and IAX enabled devices] AAstra devices have a very good integration with the service that allows automated provisioning and shared directory list on all phones.

Customers can fully customize the service by changing the auto attendant, extension greetings, music on hold and other special marketing messages on request. The service has a lot of features like call queue, call routing, call scheduling, follow me or find me, blind call and the most important feature for managers: Call analysis – a feature that allows any customer to analyze and improve their phone service usage.



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