In this video, Dr. Webb gives 5 tips to getting into medical school! For more videos, click below: How to Become a Spine Surgeon: How to Become a OR Tech: https://yout…


  1. Hello Dr. Webb! I’m interested in becoming an ER doctor, and I was wondering if you need to be top of your class in medical school in order to match into an Emergency Medicine residency program?

  2. Three times? Oh my God and you made it. You were born to be a doctor honestly. Some people would give up after applying once. This is so inspiring thanks for all the tips.!!

  3. Hello everyone i'm currently 22 and I was planning on enlisting to the Air-force as a " Enlisted Emergency Management". Will this count as clinical experience when applying to medical school?

  4. Great video Dr. Webb! Would you ever consider making a video about getting straight A’s in medical school? Is it even possible? I know the amount of material you cover is med school is 10x that of undergraduate. Thanks so much!


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