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  1. A bit outdated since ACA went into effective in 2014………Health insurance companies can no longer charge you more due to a pre existing condition.. And you need to accept maternity and other essential benefits even you are a man…….

  2. Nice video. Good explanation on the need and importance to buy health Insurance. It is a sincere advice that everyone should be careful about their health and should buy a health insurance. Medical expenses to too high and an insurance will be very helpful in today’s time.

  3. Thumbs up. You don't look like you'd have anything to say, but I thought you might surprise me and you did. As an IT consultant I walked into an office building with a polo shirt and the desk guard pointed me to the elevator. I went to the same building the next day wearing a tee shirt and the same guard pointed me to the service elevator. So, as another self-employed entrepreneur, my advise would be: shave.

  4. Only look at Deductibles and Out of Pocket Maximums. Choose the highest of both and you will have a cheaper premium.
    If you choose a low deductible and low out of pocket, its gonna be a higher premium.
    The best policies will have around a 2000 deductible and a 6000 or less out of pocket. If you want benefits, get a job or go to a health department to see a doctor….protect yourself from catastrophic coverage and those hospital bills, where you will get a 20000+ bill.

  5. Thanks SO MUCH!! This answered exactly what I wanted to know.. and WITHOUT trying to sell me something!! (Imagine that!!??)

    I am un-employed.. and just cannot afford cobra.!!!.
    The total cost of a recent Dr's visit, including blood-work, and EKG, was LESS than my monthly COBRA premium … and with that, I began to think.. perhaps an individual policy, along with just paying some charges out of pocket, would actually save me some cash!!… Thanks for confirming that for me!! Cheers!!


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