Top Health Insurance Plans compared – 1. Religare NCB Super Premium 2. Max Bupa Health Companion 3. Aditya Birla Activ Health Enhance 4. New India …


  1. Hi.. Team Yadnya
    I have watched most of your videos on health insurance, I have a query regarding group health insurance. Kindly help:
    Iam psu employee and my company gave me 4 lakh health insurance in which my parents are included as dependents and my sister works in a bank and 3 lakh insurance and in which my parents are added as dependents, and my doubt is can my sister claim additional claim if limit exceeded in my plan??

  2. Hi.. I didn't understand the last part where u said take individual cover for elderly parents. Can u explain? I am 24 and my parents are 60 and 58. And my father is diabetic and hypertensive too. Is family floater not a good option for me

  3. I want to purchase medical insurance for my father (62 years and diabetes diagnosed last month now under control ) and for me (29 years) separately.
    plz suggest best medical policy.

  4. I really like your videos. I have a question. Please answer it as early as possible as i am soon going to take a family floater..
    Should i buy it through policybazar website or directly through companies website? Policybazar agent called me and told me that we don't charge a single rupee if you buy it through our web. Beside this, he says we will help you when you claim the policy. I am confused.plz help.

  5. We are looking for a policy for parent around 64 yrs, could you please suggest some good plan, is star health senior citizen red carpet is good? Could you please evaluate the start health red carpet. This video is very informative and good.

  6. Few weeks back only I bought Star health comprehensive family floater plan…. Can you comment on this plan ? Should I continue with this plan or switch to ones which are mentioned in the video???


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