Why is health insurance so complicated, while car insurance and life insurance are so simple? Can health insurance be more like, well, insurance? Lanhee …


  1. And yet somehow – without all this government hoopla in dentistry. A days worth of work will get you a full on 'surgical' tooth removal and if one chooses; insurance for about $7/month. How people can believe "more government" can fix a government induced problem is beyond me.

  2. The way to fix this problem is to ban insurance outright . Funny that PU defends insurance when Insurance is corporate ran socialism for profit . If you banned it it would make the world safer and save individuals thousands of dollars a year . Cars would be made safer , people would drive safer , cost of body work would go down , people would build safer more protected homes , people would run safer businesses , people would live healthier lives , the cost of healthcare would collapse .

    Not only does insurance breed unsafe lifestyles and actions , but it helps people unnaturally profit from it . The companies bleed off alot of profit , and the doctors companies that tend to the insured make excessive profit based on money pooling , not natural market conditions .

    Again , all forms of insurance are corporate ran socialism . NO different than the government .

  3. Great video except for the end. What exactly is the plan to get the care pre-existing condition patients need? This is a big issues for anyone with compassion, as mentioned in the video.

  4. The point is that by far the most health care is needed by people in high risk categories, and in an unregulated insurance market without any government intervention they cannot insure themselves at a premium that can be considered affordable for most people. So a completely unregulated insurance market fails for the people who actually need it most. A point that is missed entirely in this video. And who is going to pay for the health care for people with preexisting conditions or a high risk profile (like elderly)? A key question that is not answered. Will the government do that? Well, then we still end with a system in which the largest share of health care cost is paid for by the government.

  5. You will continue to have problems as long as private insurance is a for profit business.
    Germany has private insurance. That has an insurance mandate, every citizen is required to have insurance. Plus the most important part, the insurance companies are mandated by law to operate as non-profits.

  6. I had a flu shot this year. I need to bring the rest of my immunizations up. I have started brushing and flossing my teeth more, which will eliminate infections that could hurt my heart. I walk an average 12 miles a week. I have a trampoline I can jump on. I walk up and down stairs. There are many things we can do that benefit us and do them inexpensively.

  7. No….that doesn't quite explain it. The key element of healthcare in this country revolves around the term GROUP. Groups are formed to separate those who PAY for their coverage….and those who don't pay. People working (key word is "working") get the premium level of care because they WORK and they PAY. Others who don't work or make enough money to PAY….they get covered too…..but it is a lesser quality of coverage. It's kinda like how we eat. Those that work and pay get to eat Lobster once in a while. Those who don't …..eat beans. This is the way it is in EVERY country….and always will be.

  8. No…. youre wrong…. sorry. Even before Obama came along, hospitals still charged $200 for an aspirin. I find it amazing that you are ok with the government spending your tax dollars on meaningless corporate wars and and social security benefits but the idea of your taxes going towards health care is anathema to you. Your taxes pay for firefighters, police, education and roads… why shouldnt it pay for health care?

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    i rest my case

  10. Ya know I really don’t like insurance because it’s all a gamble, and it’s almost always stacked against you. You pay more when you have more accidents. I get that, but insurance companies are preventing you from actually getting anything out of it. They are designed to make a profit, and that’s not bad, but it is a gamble, and not a very safe one. For example I am quite a sickly person, so I’ll probably need to pay a lot more than most people this makes sure that you get less out of it than you put in.

  11. I had cancer when i was 18……. no one wanted to give me a reasonable insurance rate due to my "pre existing condition". Unlike your insurance example, i did nothing to cause this and arguably there was nothing i could do to prevent it. No tobacco, no drugs, no booze, no known exposures, normal weight, active outside, etc.. At that age, i could not find a job with health benefits as all the local employers played the part time employee game where they only offered health benefits to their full time staff….. so i was always limited to 39 hours and luxury of juggling multiple jobs. I also didnt have my parents to fall back on, so i had to go without insurance and hope for the best. You made a very brief comment about how someone with a pre existing condition would be handled properly, but you gave zero substance on how you propose they do that. Where do you draw the line to fairly pick and choose which conditions are caused by the individual and which are just unfortunate? You guys normally make better videos than this….. thats a big issue to simply make mention but not make any real comment.

  12. It's actually not complex. Large corporation's making large profits off your health. Easy money why change the system that's why they lobby millions into politicians hands. No corporation should be allowed to profit off your health.

  13. "What about the people with pre-existing conditions. We do it any passionate Society does. We make sure they get the medical care they need."

    How do you pay for That?
    It seems to me they've glossed over this major bit because they don't have a good answer.

    This argument's main flaw is that health insurance is not like any other type of insurance or any other buisness for 2 reasons.
    1 ) You cannot negotiate prices if you have been shot and are going to the ER or if you have just had a stroke or if you're in labor. consumers are more occupied with being healthy then getting a good deal. this gives insurance companies the power to raise prices because they know consumers cannot fight back as is the case in most other businesses where competition brings down prices or gives better quality. That is the actual reason for more expensive health care.
    2.) There is a population with pre-existing conditions. The attained these conditions through no fault of their own and still must bear their burden. The only stable way to insure people with pre-existing conditions who are chronically in the hospital is to expand the amount of money in the insurance pool by covering everyone. If you tried to expand the insurance pool by raising prices people leave the insurance because they can't afford it. Fewer people means higher prices which means higher prices until only sick people are left and the whole thing shuts down. We all need to buy health insurance to make sure people born less fortunate than us can survive and lead good lives. And on the side we get health care for when we get sick. Shared sacrifice.

  14. If some of you want to actually learn about economics, and topics like Health Insurance, I recommend Marginal Revolution University s YT channel. Unlike PragerU who has obvious biases through their vids, you get actual economic analysis. If the insurance market is left to it's own devises, it'll simply lead to market failure.

  15. How to cut down health care costs: Make sure pharmaceutical giants cannot sell their medicines at insane prices, also a nice feature of your oh-so-nice crapitalism.

    P.S.: I litterally feel brain cells dying reading the comments section

  16. It seems that since Obamacare, workers have been blackmailed with terrible, and terribly expensive, health insurance plans that they HAVE to take (hence the 'blackmail'). Where I work, if an employee wants a family plan, their portion is $1000/month – which, for most of them, is at least half their entire pay, and the plan is a high deductible plan on top of that – the current one (and they've been changing providers every year, which seems like a scam) has a $9000 deductible, per year, which is, in effect, no coverage at all in any case under that. At the new provider's presentation, I heard one person quip, "I guess the kids aren't getting covered." (which could be a state of affairs that is still under the radar – how many dependents are actually covered now?).

  17. So what you're saying is that we should use taxpayer dollars to pay for people with preexisting conditions to have healthcare, but at the same time not make everyone buy insurance to cover medical emergencies.

    But medical emergencies oftentimes become the preexisting conditions for which insurance companies will refuse to cover you for.

    If someone gets cancer and needs treatment or they will die, do we as a compassionate society cover this thing which counts as a preexisting condition that insurance won't cover? If so, then what's the point of insurance at all, because as soon as you need it, it'd be covered by the thing we use to cover preexisting conditions?

    The actual problem here is that we cannot simultaneously be a compassionate society and be one that allows sick people to die if they don't have insurance, and under our current system or anything similar to it, sick people die if they don't have insurance.

  18. This is the first video I had to raise my eyebrow and say what?!

    Health Insurance is not complicated, it’s just managed like other insurances. Clearly there is too much that is different when it comes to insuring houses than insuring people.

    I’d elaborate but I hate making points using my cell phone

  19. Free Market proponents will always lose this argument because when we talk about lowering healthcare costs, we only talk about INSURANCE. Healthcare currently operates in a Crony Market. Their pricing isn't based in a real market. We should focus on reforming MEDICAL regulations and licenses and then tackle insurance regulations.

    The number of people with "pre-existing conditions" is actually quite large. If you let healthy people pool together in insurance, you leave those in need of medical care to fend for themselves in an overpriced and Crony Market, people will advocate for single payer, which would be a disaster.

    The reason people don't insure oil changes or tires is because they are generally market based and affordable. If your oil change was $1,500 and tires $8000 then yes, we would insure tires and oil changes. Healthcare is in a Crony, over regulated market, and is inflated by 500-1000%….. seriously…. A colonoscopy should, in reality, cost about $350-500. Instead, without insurance is $5000-8000. Ridiculous. Not market based. If free market economists and conservative pundits keep the conversation focused on reforming insurance (only the method of paying for a product in a Crony Market) you will inevitably drive the rest of the country to argue for universal healthcare. People need healthcare costs to go down, not insurance costs at this point. Have that argument AFTER!!! Otherwise, you're asking for 30-90 million American's to just deal with a $3000 oil change.

  20. What's so interesting, and I see it on multiple vids regarding health care, that no matter what the problem is, no matter how big, no matter how expensive, bureaucratic, ineffective, whatever. No matter what the problem is, there is ALWAYS some segment of the viewers who INSIST it must be that way and STAY that way. ANY attempt at trying to correct ANY problem is met by a significant NO! We CAN'T do that. Sad to say, with an attitude like that, I doubt health care will EVER be resolved to anyone's satisfaction . . . except whoever's making the MOST money with the LEAST amount of effort. I know, I know . . . NOBODY does thaaaaa-aaaaat! (See what I mean?)

  21. Soon, many are gonna have to face the truth that the left has become just a safe haven for the logically retarded so they don't "feel" as stupid as their proposed "solutions".

    Get rid of monopolies by creating ONE central monopoly? Get rid of poverty by taxing everyone into poverty? Trying to make gender, religion, and color not matter by calling a specific gender, religion or color – sexist, homophobic, or racist.

    If their ideas are such "good" solutions then why can't they just apply it to themselves instead of using "federal" ( not state, county, city ) governments to implement them. If it won't work on just an A-STATE basis what makes them think it'll work on ALL-STATES. Did they really think a country could survive on this retarded fantasy logic? Oh wait, ya, they did – that's why their logically retarded.


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