They are all doing better especially the boys. All 3 kittens are eating, drinking and using the litter box with no problems. Ways You Can Help with Kittens and Cats – Donations for Kittens…


  1. Aww, the babies are talkative today (well, in this ep.) Glad Grace is doing so much better. She's so purry! Figgy and Baron are so funny. Fig seems to be wondering what he's sitting on! Lol.

  2. They are so adorable, what cat isnt? But Fig and Baron omggggggg they are so GORGEOUS. I know ive read in other comments on other videos that you arent keeping them, but they are getting so big now has that changed? I would have to keep all three! But im crazy and have 5 cats who hate each other so dont listen to me, lol.

  3. So happy they are doing well. I had the kittens spayed a couple of weeks ago. Cleo was back to normal rather quickly but Daisy took a while. She was very grouchy for at least a week hissing at the other cats. But thankfully it’s done. ? mine kept messing with the incision area too for a while. I just kept trying to distract them when they did ?

  4. Hoffentlich kommt Grace nicht auf die Idee an dem Schnitt und den Fäden zu lecken und zu knabbern. Das machen alle gerne und es ist nicht gut. Möglicherweise hilft ein Anzug für ein paar Tage. Alles Liebe Tina

  5. I am glad to see they are all doing well and Fig and Baron will heal faster and we made homemade cone for Simba neck so he was not able to lick at all for 24hrs. I am keeping Bubbly in the carrier to and honestly she does not want to come out. Just be careful because boys will try to play with Grace so keep an eye out her stitches needs to be healed more.

  6. I feel so much better now that I know they're doing well. I was so worried about Grace. I'm so glad that she is ok. Hope it's not gonna be an issue with their incisions or anything. I can't get over how much the plate was blending in with the sheet, lol. Give the kitties rubs and cuddles for me. Love and hugs for u. Hope u guys have a great weekend! ☺????

  7. Grace is all kinds of adorable!! What a sweet little purring machine she is. 🙂 Is she part Siamese? They all have such cute meows…thanks for posting and you, not unlike LF, have your hands full! Take care!

  8. Thank You,thank you thank you, for this video! I was so worried about sweet lil Grace last night & ever since 🙁 What a relief now to see her doing better. You are an amazing foster mom and just too sweet!

  9. omg…I have been waiting to see how Grace is…you are awesome to have slept with her and stayed to make sure she would be OK…and that you kept her in the carrier all night. Thank you for that! I love it when another human cares so much for their cats/pets, even when they are 'fosters'….so glad they all are doing pretty well right now…God bless them all with complete healing….Amen! Sherry 🙂


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