The kittens played on the cat tree and with their toys. I started the grass growing kit. Baron looks mean but is very sweet. Ways You Can Help with Kittens and Cats – Donations for Kittens…


  1. Cute playing! In the past I tried to grow grass for my 2, but the grass always died off quickly. So, i gave up on it…haha. They have to use the grass while we go on our walks. Now in winter there is none though.

  2. Top of the dresser uses Old English Polish. Maybe after the little guys. It covers scratches really well. The potting for the grass is supposed to be easier and self-contained. You're trying to make more work for your self. I know what you mean you are worried about the little guys knocking it over. It will work out. They are just suck cutie pies. Lov'em

  3. Love thevway you do these videos! My furnurture looks the same, scratched everywhere. I have grown herbs and all kinds of sprouts the same way and it worked realy well. The sunlight shining through Graces ears, so beautiful… it made me remember how that was with my black cat Zwartje: exactly the same.

  4. Those kittens are just way too adorable. I see they love that cat tree. I bet those little mice are history now, lol. We may get frozen precipitation starting Sunday morning. Hope u guys have a great weekend. Love and hugs. ☺????


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