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  1. Awesome to see the Mercator k55k knife in there! It’s a classic man’s knife that has been around for decades and is still relevant. Works great in dress pants, like you said, not only for how slim and slick it is but for how light it is…won’t weigh down your britches.

  2. No Special Operations Equipment belt? No Cor-Bon ammo? No NSR Tactical holster? No Surefire flashlights? No XS Big dot sights? You need to watch some Tactical Response commercials.

  3. Totally agree about the importance of a good gunbelt! If you carry everyday and train, you'll go through 3 or 4 cheap belts a year easy. Buy a quality bonafide gun belt and be done with it for years.

  4. I disagree with your view of carrying the pressure bandage out of the package. There will never be a situation where you can't spare the extra 2 seconds to open the package. If there is an arterial bleed direct pressure or a tourniquet initially applied before the pressure bandage. The second leading cause of death to trauma patients after hypovolemic shock is actually septic shock. Why add to the problem. Plus the packaging can act as an occlusive dressing for a sucking chest wound.

  5. The idea to unwrap the pressure dressing is very poignant. The plastic seal on those would be tricky to open when you’re bloody and amped up. And you’re correct. Sterility is not a priority in this setting. The hospital care will clean it out.

  6. I have to ask your thoughts on appendix carry. I personally appendix carry but I read so many comments don’t point you gun where you don’t want to shoot- you’re going to shoot your __ off – you’re going to shoot your femoral artery etc. could you enlighten me on your thoughts please.

  7. I always had a tourniquet on me, but I recently started carrying a Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK and it has served me well thus far. I always wear jeans, so pocket space is very limited. Being able to put a pretty complete kit on my ankle has made me much more prepared.

  8. Gatston glock knows how to design a glock better than anybody, then why stipple it and change the sights haha he did it right in the first place didn’t he? Don’t harp on people for changing things to their preference if you do the same

  9. I have a G-Code incog holster with clips. Both my brother and I have had the holster come out with the gun repeatedly. Before mine failed we got the same set up for my fiancee. The clips have failed on all three holsters. I'm more upset that I recommend a bad set up to someone I love than I am about wasted money.


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