The need for making long distant calls at cheaper rates led to the introduction of VoIP. This secondary means of connecting people proved very fruitful. Using this technology, people were able to make calls at very reasonable rates, while simultaneously viewing the person at the other end on a web cam. Over the years, this technology has proved itself in more ways than one. It is easy to use, reliable and the cost involved is comparatively less than traditional telephony systems.

Many a times, all that is required for getting connected using VoIP is an adapter. The process is simple. Voice sounds get transmitted using data grams on the IP network. When this is done, telephony gains the same characteristics of a data network connection. So, these data grams can be used by different software to perform tasks such as conference calling. Equipment such as ‘routers’ support the proper functioning of the system. So, Voice over IP performs better when the switches, routers and network links are faster. Ethernet is usually the means of connecting networks that are Voice Over applications. The servers therefore fulfill many telephony roles such as call switching and connection management, call recording and auto-attendant function besides call conferencing. This thus gives the traditional phones access to VoIP. It also facilitates making calls to end points with varying audio capabilities.

The VoIP phone calls can connect a server that can be used for call management. The Voice over IP server can be connected to a PSTN without any hassles. Once connected, it becomes very feasible for making calls at reasonable price rates. As long as a WAN connectivity exists, a VoIP server can act as a PSTN gateway for IP phones. So, now you need not worry at all if you have made up your mind to start a small business. The DSL or cable network should work nicely to meet the needs of one to two people. So, it is possible for you to run an office from your home itself. If the number of employees is more than two, then you should opt for a different Internet telephony service. What you should always check is the bandwidth of the connection that you are opting for. So, with greater bandwidth the number of users who can access the IP telephony also increases. Supposing if you have a small PBX system or any other business telephone system, then simply purchase a ‘media gateway’. This will directly connect you to the internet without replacing any of your phone parts.

So, the internet telephony service has turned this world to a high tech place. Hassle free communication at cost effective rates has increased productivity in business. At a personal level also, cheap telephone calls have become the norm in different parts of the world. To avail the best of the VoIP service, one needs to have the best hardware device supported by software. The factors that become indispensable in this context include an Analogue Terminal Adaptor (ATA), a high speed broadband connection, and an IP phone service.



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