Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, also urged Myanmar’s government to allow monitors into the country. His call was backed in an interview with Euronews by Andrew…


  1. European nations spend BILLIONS on anti-terror…. These people don't HAVE that kind of money…. They are FORCED to drive out the muslim threat, plain and simple…. You can't deny the obvious truth.

  2. May Allah's Curse and Wrath be upon Myanmar's oppressive government it's oppressive people it's land and whosoever supports this sick demented oppressive hell dwelling nation in whichever way or form. Aameen thuma Aameen

  3. Notice how selective the UN is when they only have a problem when muslims are attacked or killed, but have no problem with Christians being killed in Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria. UN supports the terrorists in Syria and only condemns Assad.

  4. a Muslim advocating for muslim…but what about the atrocities on other religions by islamists in countries like Pakistan…bangladesh…iran…iraq syria etc? Unsubscribed ur channel …i hate biased news and bias unfair UN


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