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  1. Hope you guys find this video helpful! I had a lot of fun creating this one. As usual, you will find additional resources including a list of categorized scientific references in the description and my recommended creatine products. Enjoy!

  2. I can't take creatine without getting horrible cramps. I drink tons of water to the point I have to piss every 30 mins, I also supplement with a ton of magnesium and some taurine to prevent cramping as well. I'm also pretty flexible and foam roll daily, tight muscles definitely isn't the problem. Any tips on how to prevent cramps?

  3. Great video Jeff……How Creatine Works:
    If you’re not familiar with how creatine works here is a simple explanation. Andesine Triphosphate (ATP) fuels all muscle contraction, which is stored in the muscle cell. There is enough stored ATP in the muscle cell for about 5 to 7 seconds of intense exertion. After that the body has to use a different energy system so it takes Creatin-Phosphate (CP), which is also stored in the muscle and mixes it with Anderson Diphosphate (ADP) to make ATP. Creatine gives ADP the third phosphate molecule to make ATP. If you can increase your creatine stores in the muscle you can make ATP quicker and more easily.

  4. I got a question, I just recently started taking creatine a week ago, 5g per day, I wonder if I could start a loading phase now or should I just continue with 5g per day?

  5. I think I'm a non responder but it's so hard to tell. Since creatine doesn't have any instantaneous effects like, for example, some pre workout formulas do, it's difficult to tell.

  6. I have a family history of hair loss, so I avoid Creatine. I use a combination of Minoxidil and Revivogen to address hair recovery. It's slow, but the combination of reducing DHT and blocking DHT from reaching hair follicles is working. Nice editing Jeff. Very classy.

  7. supplementation boosts creatine stores 20 to 40% of already existing 60 to 80%. it simply means supplementation increases stores from 60-80% natural diet level to 84-96%. I am pretty sure it is not worth it to supplement it. Because how much of the stores are full has nothing to do with how much creatine your body can employ. Unless the stores are empty. Therefore, 60-80% is as good as 84 to 96%

  8. I'm kind of curious as to what kind of strength my body is capable on its own without any creatine supplementation. My deadlift and squat are at pretty decent figures after only being in the gym for 3-4 months. Curious to see how far I can take it before I start trying to compete in powerlifting.


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