Hey everyone welcome back to my channel today Ill be talking about what it means to be a certified DA as well as some study tips . I also wanted to give alittle …


  1. I apologize for the editing error around the 12 minute mark I think I misplaced a clip . Should I remove that glitch or keep it? Basically I was trying to se that on the job training you can apply topical creams/jelly to the patient before the DR. gives an injection. This is common in anterior fillings & with children.

  2. Hey Des, does someone out of your program get the same job as a someone out of a 3 month program? And do the 3 month programs certify students too? Does it depend on location? Just want to better my chances of getting a good job when I finish 😃

  3. I never got to mention from the first time I seen your video of dental assistant which inspired me to complete my program..thanks for the great video..I do plan to take my Danb exam here in New York

  4. Thankyou all for continuing to support my content I appreciate you all. Please check back for the description box I am super busy but I will be placing all the links that I said I would asap! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more DA videos .


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