So this video popped up on Instagram reporting a small child accidentally cut their hand. The question that was flooding the post was tourniquet or no tourniquet …


  1. Say hey, Skinney Medic, great informative video here. I continue to learn emergency first aid techniques from your channel.
    I have put together a very nice truck kit. Several weeks ago a young lady missed her turn and slammed her car straight into
    a stop barrier. I helped her out of the destroyed car and noticed blood coming out of one of her shoes. She had a nasty
    foot injury caused by the brake pedal. I removed her shoes and applied direct pressure, the bleeding slowed to a trickle.
    When the fire dept got on scene they asked if i was a doctor or a medic. I told them I have been watching your channel.
    So a hardy thanks to you sir. Bee Well.
    dog bugler

  2. I agree with you bleeding was controlled no need to make the situation worse. If anything stick the cuff on the arm with a little pressure to slow the bleeding if needed. No need to twist a turn on the poor kid.

  3. Seeing that injury in real time and seeing how the bleeding acts was very educational wish you could get more vids like this and talk about your opinion and proper procedures

  4. prime example of direct pressure first is when that cyclist cut the artery near his groin… tourniquet wouldn't have done a thing for him… thankfully he had quick thinking friends.

  5. Hey Skinny Medic, do you have an Email I can contact you with? I am interning for StarchMedical Inc. and we are interested in some of your content. Could we talk more on Email?

  6. If this child was my patient, I woul not put a tourniquet on this hand. I would placea roll of of kerlix over the wound and wrap another roll of kerlix around the site. Then O2, IV, monitor vitals including LOC and transport asap.

  7. Interesting video and I still like your videos on medical. I still think you could have made that wall behind you cheaper yourself. Great looking wall but I think that company you got it from are just snake oil salesmen s.m.

  8. 9 years FF/EMT-B, 4 years air medical here. I think that direct pressure would have been my top choice and I would consider a TQ if that was failing. Like you said, direct pressure seemed to be working good in this case.

  9. Tourniquet on if convenient to do so, just so that the patient or assistant can help with controlling blood flow while getting patched up, with no really worry of uncomfortable pain, fractured bones, or blood toxicity.

  10. i think a rolled up bandage or compressed gauze in the palm of the hand then 4 fingers over that like a clenched fist without the thumb…then a normal bandage over the 4 fingers to apply the pressure…you can use the thumb nail to check circulation…same applies to multiple loss of fingertips…

  11. I am thinking strong compression bandage across the hand with enough wadding to keep direct pressure going, keep elevated above the heart and head if possible, transport to ER ASAP.


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