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  1. What happens if you do not deal with depression and oppression well and not take meds, I feel I lost God for real and now I need Him and never should have left Jesus all these years hoarding hate and evil , Please someone help

  2. Thankyou for sharing your story, u are very inspiring. I also study in Eastern Europe (Poland) and I can relate to everything you said in this video, may god bless you on your journey, I believe you will be an excellent doctor!!!!

  3. I'm thinking of about dropping out of vet school, for similar reasons, I am depressed, but also because I realized I can't really cope with the harsh expectation and realities of being a vet, deterring me from being a vet, I went out to make friends and realized it's the course that I was unhappy with, and I'm thinking of reapplying into a healthcare program

  4. Phewwww! ❤️ Thank you for sharing you are so strong. Girl I'm so so happy your in a better place now, I am keeping your in my prayers, may you pass with flying colours. Mental health is real and your videos motivate me to keep going for medicine. Stay strong sis, love your channel xx. I am so proud of you your story is very inspiring. Bio medical / Medicine related vids from me are coming soon because of you!! ❤️💕💕💕😊😊

  5. living in a diferent country alone is hard,different culture and people, dont give up!! ive been there! belive me . I started working out , it really helped me.

  6. Good for you Nellah. I finished medical school in Canada where I was born in 1993. I was very anxious during medical school too, and one of my old profs I saw recently told me about 40 percent of all docs in Canada are suffering from symptoms close to burnout. A recent article in the national newspaper also said the #1 cause of death for doctors under 35 is suicide. I appreciate your transparency it will make it safer for doctors and med students to talk about how they are feeling and help each other.

  7. Hey Nellah <3 I invite you to come to the church that Jesuschrist founded, 2,000 years ago our Lord Jesus Christ founded the light of the world church. Today the church of the Lord exist. Look up LLDM The light of the World Church <3 God bless you and good luck in school! with the Lord everything is possible. The soul needs some of God's grace for it to find rest just as our body needs rest… Take care Nellah <3 Matthew 11:28 New International Version (NIV)
    28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

  8. Med school is an inhuman process. Every student should rebel against the system by quitting. This would definitely force a change. A % > than the general population commit suicide. I'm including students, residents and doctors in one group. If that subset within this grouping kills themselves, then its logical to assume a larger % within that cohort has or is thinking of suicide though they will never carry it out.

    If we follow this progression logically, then an even greater % is severely depressed. The conclusion being that a substantial % of the total MD community (students, residents, physicians) are suffering from extreme negative psychological structures which impacts their quality of life. It's a completely broken system in need of a total overhaul not ridiculously and pathetic patches meant to continue the same torture system.

  9. You are smart and beautiful. I can relate to the anxiety…I feel it every day when I go to work, but I keep pressing. God bless you and you will find where you are supposed to do. Cyber Hug to you.

  10. Went through the same thing… studying medicine abroad in Hungary… it is hard especially if you are really young, because never having been at Uni you will struggle a lot. However you aren’t alone, don’t be afraid to reach out

  11. You’re beautiful! And I’m not a medical student but I’m in Arts and trying to apply into the faculty of Business. It’s what I really really want but it’s a lot on my plate having to get a competitive gpa and balance work . I also have really bad anxiety and struggle with depression here and there. It would be nice and helpful if I had friends but I just gave up hope at this point. My second year is almost finished and still no friends.

  12. I totally relate to it. I studied in the US for two and a half years and ended up getting a depression because I couldn't feel connected to other people and felt really lonely there. I loved it there though, but I just didn't adapt well. I came back to Brazil and studied for a year and got into medicine here!

  13. Hey dear, I’m glad you overcomed it. I wanted to know if you study medicine abroad will u be able to work in the UK? And also what do you think about Physician Associate and do they have them there in Lituania?

  14. "I miss classes every time, I didn't want to get out of bed, I cry every time, I was sad."

    Girl me too. Four years in law school, try telling your African mother you want a break, she won't listen. I am on depression meds, I survive on coffee and sugar rushes, zero motivation, thank GOD I'm on my last semester. My mother is already planning my entry to the school of law. LOL. BYE.


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